5 Easy Steps to Clean Your Virtual Desktop

A messy virtual desktop can decrease your efficiency and leave your computer open to security steps. Here are 5 simple steps to get your virtual desktop cleaned up.

Better Dating with AI

Online dating has its flaws (and quite a few of them). Here's how one company is using AI to change the dating game.

Agility Versus Security: Is Finding a Compromise Still Necessary in 2019?

It’s time to have a look at agility and security methods, their strength, weaknesses and historical uses, and the newer approaches that (allegedly) grant the best from...

Five Programming Tools for 2020 and Beyond

The digital universe is changing. What new tools should programmers familiarize themselves with to keep up with the times?

IoT and Drug Adherence: Different Approaches to Connected Solutions

Learn how IoT innovations provide new ways to track and foster prescription compliance.

Azure Week: Key Learnings and Deep Expertise From the Azure Experts

Learn more about Azure Week, which will take place online from October 14-18, 2019.

Functional Programming Languages: Past, Present and Future

Learn how functional programming languages emerged from the academic context and are now finding a lot more practical applications.

How Cloud Computing is Changing Cybersecurity

Cloud security is a serious issue; how has the cloud changed the cybersecurity game?

Are Your Enterprise Printers Protected from Cybercriminals?

Learn why enterprise printers have curiously become one of the top concerns for cybersecurity defense.

Can AI Have Biases?

Learn from these seven instances in which AI is deliberately used to exclude certain categories or in which it simply reflects the bias embedded by its human programmers...

Job Role: Machine Learning Engineer

A look at the role of a machine learning engineer

The 5 Most Important Blockchain Programming Languages You Must Learn Before 2020

Don't waste any more time, and learn what programming languages you need to master to work with blockchain as soon as possible.

Cybercrime Is a Threat to Every Business: Protect Yours With These 5 Courses

Virtually every business, regardless of size, is susceptible to an attack. These five beginner-friendly, flexible online courses will give you the skills required to...

What Your Marketing Team Needs to Know about Google Responsive Display and AMP Ads

Learn how to optimize your ads for Google’s AMP technology to maximize the user experience and drive even more engagement.

AI Guide

Our recent survey suggests that while AI projects are the on the rise, many in the C-suite don't understand the technology - or its implementation.


What is TensorFlow’s role in machine learning?

TensorFlow is Google's popular contribution to machine learning work. It consists of an open source set of resources with data flow graphs that helps to model...

Can there ever be too much data in big data?

The answer to the question is a resounding YES. There can absolutely be too much data in a big data project.There are numerous ways in which this can happen, and various...

How do machine learning professionals use structured prediction?

Machine learning professionals use structured prediction in a whole multitude of ways, typically by applying some form of machine learning technique to a particular goal...

Why is a confusion matrix useful in machine learning?

There are a number of ways to talk about why a confusion matrix is valuable in machine learning (ML) – but one of the simplest ways is to explain that the...

What does 5G technology mean for AI?

Fifth generation wireless (5G) and artificial intelligence (AI) are probably bound to generate a mutually beneficial relationship that could skyrocket both these...

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